Are Bass Making You Go In Circles?

One of the best ways to learn about fly fishing is by reading about it. You don’t have to buy hundreds of books, though. There are many magazines dedicated to fly fishing, and most of them can give you a lot of great information.

The last 3 or so feet of you fishing line, called “the Leader”, should be rated at least twice as high as the fishing line you are using. The leader is what has the hook on it. If you are using 10lb test you should at the very least have a 20lb “leader line”. Leader lines are sometimes metal, which is actually quite often. Lots of bait & tackle shops sell pre-made leader lines to where you can just hook them up to the regular line. Also called “swivels”.

Choosing fly boxes is quite crucial so be careful in doing so. It must have huge partitions wherein dry flies can be stored squashing their hackles. One or two boxes that have metal pins and foam on the inside layer are also needed. These can be used to store the wet flies, insect larvae, and streamers. It would also be helpful to have some small vials to store the dry flies after catching a fish.

In the front the vest should have at least two but preferably three pockets that can hold two fly boxes and a leader wallet. Small pockets in the chest area will get filled with the minutiae that make fly fishing so wonderful. The obligatory fleece patches are necessary to hold flies temporarily. One final thing that I find very handy is a rod holder that is a loop of fabric on the right lower hem of the vest and a Velcro strap on the left chest hem. When you are on the stream, you can put the butt of the rod in the loop and run the strap around the rod itself. Your rod sits pointing in the air, lifting your line out of the water and making tying knots so much easier.

2) Know where the best places for salmon fishing are. Salmons can be caught in both lakes and rivers. One of the best times to catch salmons is in the river when they come upriver to spawn. Try to learn of the times of the season when salmons do this in order for you to be there when they do.

When first starting out the question is do you buy new or used fishing equipment stores? A lot of us have gone the used gear route. This way we can reduce some expense until we are sure that fly fishing is the sport for us. Used gear is a great way to get into the sport without spending a great deal of money. Used gear can generally be found locally. It can definitely be found online.

A Bait Bag: When fishing for these beautiful fish a bait bag is certainly a “must have” item. As a matter of fact a bait bag is a “must have” item for anyone who fishes in rivers and streams. When you fish in rivers and streams the time spent searching for your bait to bait in your waders or vest is significant. With a bait bag this problem is solved and your bait is always at your fingertips ready to be used. Having your bait hanging from your fishing vest waiting to be used is a huge time saver when fishing for trout.

A rod and reel specially geared for ice fishing is helpful, and Bass Pro Shops has the Wonder Strike Ice Fishing Rod and Reel Combo that retails for under 30.00. This inexpensive set up has a fiberglass blank with a stainless steel sensor. It has a mini baitcast reel that makes for an easy change if needed.