Complete Day Halong Bay Tour

If you ever get tired of Hanoi’s thousands of scooters and their aggressive honking, there a location to hide just 150 miles north, the remarkable Halong bay. They said if Hanoi resembles 4 million people on Redbull, Halong bay is this quiet location where you can take a deep breath and let your brain rest.

Indulge in the local Vietnamese food and beverages at Halong City. Around the Halong Market, there are quite a number of exotic foods available if you depend on it. Among the must-try products are the Squid Cakes which are similar to Thai Fish Cakes, these are sold in the open area behind Halong Market.

Here from the helm, I have actually been viewing the world’s interest in Halong Bay cruise. In the Authorities New7Wonders of Nature Halong Bay is among 28 finalists in a worldwide vote on the seven most spectacular natural spaces on the planet. We won’t know until Nov. 11, 2011 (11.11.11) whether the world thinks Halong Bay is among the world’s most spectacular natural landscapes, or seascapes.

We stopped at a floating raft that was sort of part fish farm, part kayaking rental. There wern’t enough kayaks so we had a quick chat to Rachelle and Kevin (Canadians) then we were left in the queue and got speaking to a couple from Tasmania who were really nice. Halong Bay cruise Two kayaks ended up being available so we leapt in and visited a cave about 200yards away. We evaded a couple of little boats and made it to the overhanging cave. Regrettably we haven’t any pictures of us kayaking, as you all understand what we are like with cams and water.

What is this Emeraude? Why would it make my Halong trip a lot more unique? Think of cruising in Northern Vietnam’s excellent bay in an early 20th century replica steam ship. It entered into service in 2003 and retains all the functions, beauty and atmosphere of the steamer during the early 1900’s.

The real tourist attraction nevertheless on this journey is the magnificent surroundings of the peridot green Halong Bay luxury cruise bay cruise and the limestone rocks that make the view so significant and compelling. halong bay cruise was declared a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1994. As an outcome the waters and the land are well maintained and one can be sure that the charm will be preserved.

As for myself, I’ve been cruising Vietnam’s waters given that before 1975. I’m French, however my heart is here in Vietnam. Sometimes, travelers request my qualifications, and I more than happy to oblige. I know they’ll feel more secure understanding that I’ve captained boats around the world for almost 40 years, that I have actually advanced accreditations in fire battling, in security training, in rescue boat survival, crisis management, medical training and radio operations that involve global maritime distress.

Before we knew it, we were sailing back. Like the rest of our journey, it passed way too fast. The time on Indochina Sails was an unexpected highlight of the entire journey. So, if you are searching for a non-traditional vacation idea, why not take a journey to Hanoi, a romantic cruise on Halong Bay, and (exactly what I hear is) a remarkable cultural jaunt to the tribal villages in Sapa.